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Scan QR code to load in and start to use it

How to use ?

Scan QR code

Open the APP and scan QR code located on the station to unlock your power bank

Grab your power bank
to charge your phone

Take the power bank with you and
use it wherever and whenever

Return and make payment

Return your power bank to any
available slot in SODDIGO station
at your convenience


Rental fee
The rental fee is based on time, such as $1 per hour
Maximum cost
There is a daily capping fee, and when this fee is exceeded, there will be no charge for that day
Deduct the deposit
If you do not return the power bank for a long time, your deposit will be deducted
What is the Soddigo Agent Program?
The Soddigo Agent Program is suitable for companies, independent business owners or individuals. SOUDIAN subsidies millions dollas, provides hardware equipment, software programs, and is responsible for later development and maintenance. Global agents can join for free and get free training. At the same time, they can start a business at a small cost and easily earn high income by laying a power bank in a suitable consumer place.